Welby Altidor, Executive Creative Director (Cirque du Soleil), Author, Speaker ~ Montreal, Qc, Canada

“Rare are those who like Gera master the art of project management, the rigor needed for business development and the sensitivity that one needs to nurture artistic, original projects. Her extensive touring planning experience at Cirque du Soleil and later her entrepreneurial initiatives through her company has made her an enviable leader. In a world in constant, accelerated flux, a business and creative leader like Gera can offer both steadiness and innovative thinking to make projects truly happen.”

Tara Baswani, Music Artist & Creative Director (LembasWorks)

“Gera brings a great centering and purposeful energy to every conversation with her. In sharing her extensive experience of merging business and creative strategy over global events, and conscious ventures like Thru Guiding, she offers a unique perspective to carving out successful entrepreneurial modules, that acknowledge innovative vision. Ever encouraging of a “hands on “ approach and simple focus, she inspires profoundly.”

Joo Hyon Chin, Student & Aspiring Entrepreneur ~ Canada/South-Korea

“Very friendly person and mentor who makes you feel comfortable at the very first moment you meet her. Gera catches exactly what you need and provides advice and guidance thoroughly with a kind manner. Conversations with her are very inspiring and I left with more motivation and confidence. Thank you!”

Entrepreneur Start-Up, Anonymous

“After being stuck between two possible pathways to take during the development of a project I am working on, I decided to consult with Gera. Her unique business experience, and expertise on entering the market really helped me to formulate the rest of my project strategy, all while keeping my original project vision in mind. I would recommend anyone seeking consultation, whether for brainstorming, development, or execution to take a visit to Thru Guiding, and get it from Gera!”

Matea Medaric, Lifestyle Blogger & Social Media Specialist ~ Dubai, U.A.E./Los Angeles, USA

“I have known and worked with Gera for the past 2 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her dedication, professionalism, and talent have captured me right of the bet. I don’t only recommend working with her because of the high-quality service you will receive as her client but also for amazing genuine good-heartedness that comes with it.”

Brian Edgar, General Manager at BestSeller ~ Canada

Gera is a reliable professional, with integrity, who works in absolute confidentiality and is a real pleasure to work with. We are very satisfied with the results and will continue using Gera’s and her services.”


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