World Citizen

Life should be Simple, Happy and with In-Depth Quality.
Favourite quote: “Impossible is Only a Word!”
Likes to Inspire and Loves to be Inspired!

I am Gera Landmeter, an optimistic and dynamic person. I believe in truly caring about others and making people feel good!

Described as a creative thinker with a personality that never gives up, I see the world with an open-minded view. I am passionate about mentoring and inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs on how to empower themselves and inspire others to do the same!

With the goal to help build a world in which people enjoy work and life simply feeling fulfilled and in balance, I aim to inspire people to follow their dreams, do the things that they love to do and make things happen together!

My business creative mind has strong qualities in strategic and visionary thinking with a solution-oriented approach. I always look at topics and challenges from innovative, multidimensional angles.

As a mentor, I separate myself by daring to think and act big, yet also by my many years of extensive traveling, creating an in-depth understanding and knowledge of cultures and daily life realities of people, employees as well as entrepreneurs worldwide, which enables me to provide unique, tailor-made guidance.

 After years being asked by many for mentoring support, it gives me great pleasure sharing my knowledge and experiences with mentee’s through my THRU Guiding business mentoring services and guide them with the next steps in their journey.

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