Piles of Snow! Jewels or Annoyances?


Our lovely city Montreal received an impressive pack of snow during the last 24 hours and the snow flakes are still continuing to ‘twirl and swirl’ their way down to us.

What do you see when you walk or drive to work, to home, to the airport or on your way to your coffee moment with a friend today? Do you see piles of annoyances or do you see beautiful piles of winter jewels?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to catch up with a former Cirque du Soleil colleague of mine. It had been a while, that we had spoken with each other. Amongst others, we briefly talked about that there are always two sides to everything.

The good and the bad, the positive and the negative, what has been said or not said, the beauty and the beast…to say it in Disney terms. It is how we choose to look upon things in life, if we want to see either sides or only one. Do we only want to see an annoying pile of snow and slush that makes us feel grumpy? Or do we want to mix it up a bit and also, or perhaps only, see it as an amazing phenomenon and performance by nature, mother earth showering us with her white jewels, making us feel good?

Personally, I have decided to go for the last option, which makes me feel good! Today, when I am finding my path through the snowy hurdles and piles on our streets, I will try to smile and imagine myself walking through a field of glimmering and stunning treasures. When I let the flurries land on my winter gloves or when a snow flake finds its way and lands on a strand of my long hair, I will take the time and have a closer look at it. Admiring it for what it really is, a stunning piece of jewelry designed, created and made by the most amazing global artist there is, Mother Earth!

Without this snow, many other things in nature and in our human lives would be in serious trouble. To explain that, I will leave up to the experts. I simply see this huge snow pile as nature’s way of keeping this planet in balance. And perhaps…reminding us to keep ourselves more in balance as well?!

THRU-Guidance_Gera_Landmeter_Snowflakes_1Photo source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIzfEryagFo

Blog post by Gera Landmeter


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